Danuta Hübner

Przemówienia 2018

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Przemówienia. Danuta Hübner
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Danuta Hübner

Przemówienia 2018

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European Parliament, Debate on the Conclusions of the European Council meeting of 14 and 15 December 2017, 16 January 2018, Strasbourg / 11

European Parliament Debate in the Institute for Government, “Scrutiniz­ing Brexit”, 19 January 2018, London / 12

European Parliament “Brexit: a challenge for many” AFME Annual Finan­cial Services Policy Dinner, 24 January 2018, Hotel Amigo, Brussels / 14

European Parliament Brexit and financial services reforms: where do we stand and what way forward? CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute Polish Supervisory Architecture Event 2nd of February 2018, Warsaw / 19

Parliamentary Debate on the Oral Question: Reform of the electoral law of the European Union, 07 February 2018, Strasbourg / 30

Plenary speech on the composition of the European Parliament, Plenary debate, 7th of February 2018, European Parliament, Strasbourg, France / 32

European Parliament Parliamentary Debate Revision of the Framework Agreement on Relations between the European Parliament and the Euro­pean Commission (debate), 07 February 2018, Strasbourg / 34

“Next steps on EMIR review”, Speech at an event organised by the Interna­tional Swaps and Derivatives Association and the Association of German Banks, 19 February 2018, Stanhope Hotel, Brussels / 34

“The challenges of Brexit for financial services”. Opening speech at a lunch event organised by the European Parliamentary Financial Services Forum, 20 February 2018, European Parliament, Brussels / 38

Presentation of the draft report on CCP supervision in the ECON com­mittee, 21 February 2018, European Parliament, Brussels / 42

Policy Dialogue: Crisis and Cohesion in the European Union: A ten-year perspective. EPC Conference Centre, 14–16 Rue du Trone, Brussels Wednesday, 21 February 2018 / 46

An ‘Irish’ deal for the transition: A transition to what? CEPS Ideas Lab, 22 February 2018, Brussels / 52

Plenary debate on the European Council informal meeting of 23 February 2018, European Parliament – plenary session, 28th of February 2018, Eu­ropean Parliament, Brussels, Belgium  / 57

The Banking Union, Plenary session statement, 1 March 2018, European Parliament, Brussels / 57

Let’s keep the unity, while pushing forward, European Conference at the Harvard University, 2–4 March 2018 / 58

European Union – a (N)ever Closer Union? LSE Polish Economic Forum, 10 March 2018, London / 70

Plenary Debate – Council and Commission Statements – Guidelines on the framework of the Future EU-UK Relations, 13 March 2018, Strasbourg / 75

First exchange of views on the amendment to Article 22 of the ECB Stat­ute in joint meeting of the AFCO and the ECON Committees, 20 March 2018, European Parliament, Brussels / 76

Book presentation “Women leading the way in Brussels”, 27 March 2018, Brussels / 80

Panel debate “Regions and the Future of the European Union” Committee of the Regions, 10 April 2018, Brussels / 81

Plenary Statement. Implementation of the Treaty provisions concerning national Parliaments, 20 April 2018 / 85

The Future of Europe: the process of communicating with citizens. Former Members Association, European Parliament, 2 May 2018, Brussels / 86

Beyond negotiation: Connecting EU and UK, Conference “Brexit: Nego­tiation and beyond”, 4th of May 2018, Libera Università Internazionale de­gli Studi Sociali Guido Carli, Rome / 91

Opening of the Celebrations of the Day of Europe, “Barcelona la gran hechicera”, Saló de Cent, Ajuntament de Barcelona, 9 May 2018, Barcelona / 97

“Europa solidaria y abierta” Europe Day Institutional Celebrations. Pavil­ion of the Foundation Mies Van der Rohe, 9 May 2018, Barcelona / 99

Po co nam Unia? Collegium Civitas, Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku, 25 maja 2018 roku, Warszawa / 101

What lies ahead for young people after Britain departs the EU? London School of Economics, 5 June 2018, London / 106

Brexit and EMIR 2.2: what future for CCP supervision and for the EU/UK regulatory cooperation in financial services? Speech at the 2018 Futures Industry Association (FIA) IDX conference 6 June 2018, The Brewery, London / 114

Europa jako pokrewieństwo z wyboru. Uwagi wprowadzające, Konferencja „Nowa Europa: Jaki przybierze kształt?”, 8 czerwca 2018, Warszawa / 130

Musimy być czujne i zaangażowane. X Kongres Kobiet, 11 czerwca 2018, Łódź / 132

Reform of the EMU: what way forward? Plenary session statement on the oral question on the Commission’s EMU package 12 June 2018, European Parliament, Strasbourg / 135

Vote on the composition of the European Parliament. European Parliament – plenary session, June 2018, European Parliament, Strasbourg, France / 136

Integration and connectivity of the Western Balkans – a new impetus to EU enlargement policy, COSAC, 18 June 2018, Sofia / 137

EU Interparliamentary cooperation in the context of the debate on subsidi­arity and proportionality, COSAC, 19 June 2018, Sofia / 138

Facebook/Cambridge Analytica: The alleged impact and risks for elector­al processes: Joint Hearing of the AFCO, LIBE, ITRE, JURI Committees European Parliament, 25 June 2018 / 141

The Future of EU after Brexit: Press seminar organized by the Association of European Journalists, European Parliament, 26 June 2018 / 143

Brexit’s impact on the US and Europe European Ideas Network 11 July 2018, Hotel Sofitel Lafayette, Washington / 145

Supervision of EU and third country CCPs: The Eurofi Financial Forum 2018, 5 September 2018, Vienna / 147

Brexit: by design or by default? Keynote Speech: Dublin University Col­lege, Brexit Institute, 6 September 2018 / 156

The cliff edge risks from Brexit: what they are, how to mitigate them and what is done to mitigate them? Keynote speech at the Annual Brussels Re­ception of the City of London Corporation 27 September 2018, Concert Noble, Brussels / 160

Top priorities for the next Commission on Capital Markets Union: Key­note speech at European Capital Markets Institute Annual Conference Dinner 9 October 2018, Maison Ducale, Brussels / 168

State of the debate on the Future of Europe: 10th October 2018, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium / 176

Banking Union: what still needs to be completed? Speech on the occasion of a panel debate at the Single Resolution Board annual conference15 Oc­tober 2018, Charlemagne building of the European Commission, Brussels / 178

2019 Elections: A Battle for Europe EP-EUI Policy Dialogue on “Europe­an Parliament Elections – Challenges And Opportunities Of New Digital Technologies”, Thursday 18 October 2018 / 182

Powitanie gości. Kongres Kobiet, 19 października 2018, Parlament Eu­ropejski, Bruksela / 184

Evaluation of the Lisbon Treaty Plenary session, 24th October 2018, Euro­pean Parliament, Strasbourg, France / 187

Brexit: What does the UK’s departure mean for EU financial regulation? Introductory speech to the European Parliamentary Financial Services Fo­rum 6 November 2018, European Parliament, Brussels / 188

Unia Europejska: wyzwania przeszłości i co dalej. Warszawska Liga Liceów, 9 listopad 2018, Liceum im. Czackiego, Warszawa / 193

The importance of subsidiarity and proportionality as foreseen in the Trea­ties. 28th Summit of Chairmen of EPP Parliamentary Groups in the Na­tional Parliaments of the EU and the European Parliament, 26 November 2018 / 197

The EU after Brexit. European System of Central Banks – Task Force on Brexit, 29 November 2018, Brussels / 202

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