Lucjan Krause

From the Vistula to the Canadian Great Lakes: A Life’s Journey

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Lucjan Krause

From the Vistula to the Canadian Great Lakes: A Life’s Journey

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ISBN (oprawa miękka) - 978-83-231-

The book is a memoir of Lucjan Krause, Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Windsor in Canada. Born in Poznań in 1928, as a scout and Home Army soldier, he took part in the Warsaw Uprising and after its failure was sent to a POW camp in Germany. The first part of the book focuses on this period in his life and presents a vivid description of many dramatic events from an eyewitness perspective. In 1951, after graduating from the University of London, Lucjan Krause emigrated to Canada and was awarded his PhD in Physics at the University of Toronto. Afterwards he created a vibrant experimental centre for atomic and molecular physics at the University of Windsor. In the past fifty years numerous physicists from Toruń and other Polish scientific centres have participated in research conducted there as postdoctoral fellows. It was possible thanks to the cooperation initiated in 1963 by Lucjan Krause and Aleksander Jabłoński, the Head of the Physics Department of Nicolaus Copernicus University. The second part of Lucjan Krause’s book presents his account of this cooperation which allowed many Polish physicists to conduct experiments with the use of advanced equipment, not available in Poland at that time. In this way, Professor Lucjan Krause contributed significantly to the development of physics in Poland. Thus, Professor Lucjan Krause’s memoir represents not only an essential contribution to the history of the development of atomic physics in the last four decades of the 20th century in Canada and Poland, but also provides insight into Polish-Canadian scientific relations.

Foreword / 9
Introduction / 11
Preface / 17
1. The Childhood Years / 19
2. The World War Begins / 26
3. Life in German-occupied Warsaw / 33
4. I Join the Polish Resistance Movement / 40
5. The Uprising of the Polish Home Army in Warsaw / 44
6. A Prisoner of War / 57
7. Free at Last in American Germany / 65
8. A Polish Soldier on French Soil / 70
9. In Italy on His Majesty’s Service / 73
10. England – Terra Incognita / 83
11. At King’s College / 89
12. Love, Marriage, and More Travel / 93
13. We Are in Canada / 101
14. Back to Academia / 105
15. Life on the Rock / 110
16. New Beginnings at Windsor / 121
17. Spreading Our Wings / 134
18. More Science and Family Adventures / 159
19. The Far East Beckons / 196
20. Towards and Beyond Retirement / 206
21. My Greatest Prize and Most Grievous Loss / 224
22. Taking Stock / 228
Name index / 241

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    I began reading the original and can't wait to purchase this version and have a read

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