Adam P. Balcerzak

Policies for Improving Growth Potential of Economy. International Perspective

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Adam P. Balcerzak

Policies for Improving Growth Potential of Economy. International Perspective

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This book is the result of collaborative research efforts of scholars interested in multivariate determinants of growth. Today most economists and market analysts concentrate on the consequences of global financial instability in the years 2008-2010. They try to find quick policy responses to the crisis, which unfortunately usually have short term character. However, it must be remembered that concentrating only on current problems and losing long term perspective can result in implementing ideas and policies that lead to decreasing international competitiveness, limiting innovativeness and destroying long term grow potential of economy. Thus, it means decreasing overall welfare of society. This book can be considered as a consequence of belief that the issue of determinants of growth potential is never over-researched area, especially in case of countries that have to deal with serious current consequences of global economic instability, and at the same time face long term problems of obtaining high speed of real convergence. As a result, the aim of the book is to shed lights on multidimensional aspects of policies supporting growth potential and factors restricting their effectiveness. The analysis is mostly based on experiences of developing countries.

Acknowledgments / 7
Introduction / 9

Part I. Government's Role and Public Sector in Modern Economy / 17
Ewa Kosińska, The Public Sector as a Component of a Contemporary Economy / 19
Krzysztof Rutkiewicz, The European Union's State Aid Policy / 33
Adam Balcerzak, Rogalska Elżbieta, Governments' Effectiveness in Creating Institutional Conditions for Entrepreneurship in Central and Eastern Europe in the years 2004-2010 / 49
Rafał Wilczopolski, Evolution of Japanese Industrial Policy in the Spotlight of Globalization / 73
Ilmars Purins, Role of State Regulator Institutions over Banks Lending Business / 93
Dorota Sobol, Special Economic Zones in Poland / 111

Part II. Improving Effectiveness of Labour Markets / 129
Michał Moszyński, Labour Market Regulation and the Economic Growth in the Developed Countries / 131
Grażyna Węgrzyn, Defavourized Groups on the Contemporary Market / 157
Krzysztof Nyklewicz, Kombilohn as an Instrument for Supporting Low Wage Employment in Germany / 169
Stavros Rodokanakis, Εmployment Probability in the Greek Islands / 183
Adam P. Balcerzak, Mirosława Żurek, Are Foreign Direct Investment Beneficial for Labour Markets? The Case of Poland / 199
Paweł Janukowicz, Changes on the Polish Labour Market in the Context of Information Society Development / 215
Paweł Kumor, Social Habits to Increasing Inequalities of Earnings / 227
Monika Majewska, Michał Pilc, Labor Supply Towards Fall in Real Wages During Recession / 241

Part III. Determinants of International Competitiveness and Innovativeness of Economy / 253
Monika Golonka, The Determinants of International Competitiveness. West Versus East / 255
Marcin Gryczka, Demand-side Factors' Influence on Digital Society Creation Process in Central Europe / 271
Elżbieta Pohulak-Żołędowska, In Finding Sources of Innovation - Transformation of Universities / 289
Zane Zeibote, M. A., The Impact of Business Clusters on Competitiveness of Enterprises - Experience of Latvia / 309
Joanna Sadkowska, Financing R&D Activities in the Process of changing Business Innovativeness / 323

Contributors / 338

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