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Wiesław Mincer, Tomasz Komendziński (red.)

Theoria et Historia Scientiarum. IV (1994)

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Theoria et Historia Scientiarum
Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika


Wiesław Mincer, Tomasz Komendziński (red.)

Theoria et Historia Scientiarum. IV (1994)

It is our pleasure to offer the first monographic issue of THS. It is devoted to the methodological problems of biological sciences including the interdisciplinary point of view. Leon Koj's paper uses differences considering to paradigm, scientific revolution and minirevolution and concludes that described examples on the progress in molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology confirm the thesis of nonlinear development of life sciences; calls the attention to the connection between the experimental verification and changes in the methodology of the given science. The paper by E. Pakszys gives a broad overview and an analysis of the basic methodological problems of biological sciences.

Daniel E. Brooks tries to describe the evolution of biological systems from the entropy point of view; it may be the topic of the discussion if that description can be creative for the explanation of the evolution phenomenon. He understands biological systems as the systems of physical information being subject to the dynamics of entropy. Kazimierz Kloskowski makes an effort to specify the problem of the evolution sense of purpose; in findings he establishes that in the space of the evolution biology the sense of purpose appears as the specific evolution paradigm, i. e., the methodological category. The paper of Szczepan Ślaga deals with natural immanent teleology of biosystems. With respect to M. Bunge's view of theoretical constructions the author takes a system-informational theory of bioorganization and searches the factual references as real objects and processes exhibiting the features of goal-directed activities. The specific organization of biosystems and biological processes seems to be the foundation of teleology in biology. The THS editors will readily publish next monographical issues. We wait for your suggestions and your articles as well. The problem of Copernicus revolution occurs as the first topic of the papers in consideration of the recent anniversary of the first edition of De Revolutionibus.

The Editors


Aleksander KOJ (Cracow), Changes of Paradigms in the Life Sciences

Elżbieta PAKSZYS (Poznan), The Main Epistemological Assumpthons of Contemporary Biology

Daniel R. BROOKS (Toronto), Entropy, Information and Evolving Biological Systems

Kazimierz KLOSKOWSKI, On the Problems of the Purposefulness of Biological Evolution

Szczepan A. ŚLAGA, System Approach to Teleonomy of Biological Organization

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