Theoria et Historia Scientiarum. V (1995)

autorzy: Wiesław Mincer, Tomasz Komendziński redaktorzy: Tomasz Komendziński
Rok wydania:1996 Liczba stron:136 Format:158 x 228 mm

In the last issue we announced: "The THS editors Will readily publish next monographical issue. The problem of Copernicus revolution occurs as the first topic of the papers in consideration of the recent anniversary of the first edition of De Revolutionibus (1543)". This issue, although delayed, fulfills that announcement promise. Michael Kokowski in his paper "Copernicus and the Hypothetico-Deductive Method of Correspondence Thinking. An introduction" considers this subject. He introduces the Hypothetico-Deductive Method of Correspondence Thinking, which is consisted of the Hypothetico-Deductive Method and the Method of Correspondence Thinking. This method is used consequently by creative scientists. He asks the questions: whether the Copernican revolution was in any simple or valid sense a revolution in astronomy? whether it was a genuine scientific revolution? and whether Copernicus' scientific method was correct?

Stanisław Wszołek in the paper "Some remarks on Lukasiewicz's philosophical method" studies Łukasiewicz's views in relation to the controversies on the methods and the role of Philosophy with capital-P (as in the case of Carnap and Dummett) and philosophy with small-p (favoured by Wittgenstein and Rorty).

Kazimierz Kloskowski in the paper "Determinism, ideterminism and autodeterminism of the evolutionary processes" considers the issues of determinism and indeterminism in biological processes and comes to the conclusion that "the evolutionary processes seem to be an interdependence of determinism and randomness, both determinism and randomness are to a higher or lower degree exposed at all stages of the biological evolution". He suggest referring to autodeterminism as new empiriological perspective of the evolutionary research.

The Editors will greatfully accept all critical remarks and opinions concerning the problems considered in the published papers. [The readers are encouraged to send the papers and suggest subjects of the next volume.] Volume VI of THS contains the papers presented at the symposium on Whitehead's Process and Reality [held in Torun '95].

The Editors

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