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Collaboration, communication and involvement: Maritime archeology and education in the 21st Century

autorzy: Andrzej Pydyn, Joe Flatman redaktorzy: Joe Flatman
Rok wydania:2008 Nr wydania:pierwsze Liczba stron:186 ISBN:978-83-231-2222-7

UWAGA! DRUK NA ZLECENIE! Realizacja druku wyłącznie po wcześniejszym opłaceniu zamówienia (ok. 14 dni) 

The themes of this book include cooperation between institutions, innovation in educational practice, heritage protection through public education and education as preparation for a career. The chapters present a variety of case studies from various countries in Europe and North America.
It is refreshing to begin with the role creative writing and role play in higher education in maritime archaeology. This is highly innovative, and fascinating and honest account of the method. In this way, the book can be said to begin with a 'bang'. The bulk of the book consists of international case studies. International perspectives in archaeological practice are often lacking, and it is refreshing to see maritime archaeology able to offer a lesson to colleagues in other branches of the discipline. The case studies come from both newly emerging maritime archaeology courses or programmes, and well established ones. There is a strong sense of the countries involved being able and willing to learn from each other.

Many of the papers of this book were originally presented at the 2006 European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) Annual Conference held between 19th-24th September 2006 in Krakow, Poland. The papers formed a day-long session on maritime archaeology organised by the editors, on the theme of 'Current Research and Education in Underwater and Maritime Archaeology'. Full details of the EAA session can be seen online at: http://www.

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