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Leadership in the Global Business Environment - Unwrapping the Japanese Approach

Rok wydania:2008 Nr wydania:pierwsze Liczba stron:86 ISBN:978-83-231-2312-5

Various analyses of factors that have contributed to the success or failure of economic organizations, institutions and even of whole social structures usually lead to those persons who are at the top. Regardless of the character, specific context, and organization type, the results gained are primarily due to these leaders. A able observer while looking at children's way of acting and while studying their behaviour is able to comment shrewdly on their characters, views, and hierarchy of values as well as on the rules adopted and behaviour reinforced at their homes. Likewise, from observing employees' conduct, one can infer a great deal about those persons in the top level of management, who are responsible for creating the vision and the organizational culture. I have had the opportunity to see the functioning of various companies on five continents and I have always found it fascinating how the personality, qualifications possessed and values shared by leaders influence their action and the long-term expansion of their companies. Also, my interests over many years and my research in the area of building quality in a total dimension have led me to focus on the problem of the kind of leadership that forms one of the pillars of TQM.
This subject appears to be especially interesting also due to its surprisingly holistic character. It is pursued by various economists, political scientists, sociologists, psychologists and even by philosophers.

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