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Wojciech Piasek

Anthropologising History: a Historiographic and Methodological Case Study of Witold Kula

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Wojciech Piasek

Anthropologising History: a Historiographic and Methodological Case Study of Witold Kula

Considering the reconstruction of ‘the vision of the world and the man’ of a particular historian (individual case) as a crucial part of studies on the history of historiography, the author analyses the connections between the concept of history by Witold Kula and his research on the past with anthropology. […] Regardless of the fact that the author aims at presenting the role of Kula in the process of anthropologising history and the transitions that have taken place in historiography (not only our, local, but also global), it is undeniable that the monograph goes beyond these goals. […] The monograph is also an answer to the ongoing debates concerning the future of historical research, including theoretical and methodological approaches. Introducing the new aspect of studies on historians’ works, the book […] becomes the illustration of the current trends in the studies on history, characterised mainly by their interdisciplinarity.

From the review by Prof. Marek Woźniak

The Introduction: a Horizontal Overview of Historiography / 7

Chapter I. The Anthropological Dimension of History / 25

1. The cultural individualisation of historical reality / 25
Cultures as particular, contextual and systemic totalities / 26
The complex nature of cultural historical reality / 29
2. The socio-cultural character of historical reality / 31
3. Culture as a humanistic functional structure / 32
A humanistic functional structure / 32
Determining / 36
The natural environment / 37
The openness of the structure / 39
4. Cultural globalisation / 40
5. The duration, change and decline of culture / 43
Cultural adaptation / 43
Evolution without teleologism / 45
Progress and evolution / 53
6. Man as a zoon culturalis / 56
Meeting needs as the goal of human activity / 56
The cultural satisfaction of needs / 59
Freedom of choice / 62
The rational nature of choices / 65

Chapter II. The Anthropological Nature of Historical Cognition / 69

1. History as a study of culture / 69
History and cultural anthropology / 81
2. History as a science and a field of culture / 85
3. Historical cognition as scientific intercultural translation / 94

Chapter III. The Scientistic Anthropologising of Economic History / 103

1. The anthropological perspective in research on the economy / 105
2. Economic history as historical and comparative anthropology / 113
The formalising and dramatising perspectives of research into
the acts of economic choice / 120
The formalising perspective of research / 120
The dramatising perspective of research / 130
Integral interpretation in economic history understood as historical
and comparative anthropology / 144
3. The historical and comparative method / 146

Conclusions / 155
Literature / 165
Name Index / 181

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