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Ancient Lamps from Negotino Gradište in the Republic of North Macedonia: seasons 2007-2014

autorzy: Dorota Sakowicz
Rok wydania:2019 Nr wydania:pierwsze Liczba stron:239 ISBN:978-83-231-4253-9 Format:210 x 297 mm

The main purpose of this book is to present a catalogue of the terracotta lamps and moulds used for their production, excavated from the site of Negotino Gradište in the Republic of North Macedonia during excavations conducted by Macedonian and Polish archaeologists over the period from 2007 to 2014. The volume starts with an introduction giving basic information about the site and some summary information about lamps in antiquity. The catalogue consists of 157 artefacts, which are grouped chronologically and then typologically. The book contains drawings and photographic plates, which are presented at the end of the volume.

With full responsibility I can unequivocally state that the book presents a very high scientific level. The material is clearly presented by the Author, who constantly shows her extensive knowledge of the subject. This is a very good and well-composed publication. 

From Prof. Piotr Dyczek’s review

The catalogue prepared by Dorota Sakowicz is a valuable lychnological study. (...) I have no doubt that this is a very important book which will be used by both archaeologists and historians dealing with ancient Balkans.

From Prof. Tomasz Scholl’s review


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