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Bulletin of Geography. Physical Geography Series 1/2009

Rok wydania:2009 Liczba stron:134

The Bulletin of Geography: Socio-economic Series has been published since 2003 as a continuation of the Polish-language Biuletyn Geograficzny, which was launched in 2002 by Zakład Studiów Miejskich i Rekreacji (Department of Urban and Recreation Studies) at the Institute of Geography of the Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU). The decision to publish two English-language issues a year of the Bulletin of Geography: Socio-economic Series was prompted both by feedback from readers and by the quality of the contributions.

In launching the Bulletin our aim was to produce a Journal which could be read both in Poland and abroad, and which would promote scientific activities within the scope of socio-economic geography. Our intention was to collect various research articles in one Journal with a view to enabling scientists from Poland and abroad - and especially from Central and Eastern Europę - to exchange opinions and ideas from various subfields of socio-economic geography.

After the publication of several issues of the Bulletin, the editors re-ceived numerous requests asking for texts relating to physical geography to be reviewed and published. As the intention behind the Journal had always been to provide a forum for purely socio-economic research we decided to prepare another series of the Bulletin of Geography devoted to physical geography. In 2006 the Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations at NCU took the decision to publish Bulletin of Geography in two series from 2009 - a socio-economic series and aphysical geography series.

The aim of the new series is to present scientific fmdings in physical geography and related subjects and to cover all aspects of climatology, geo-morphology, glaciology, hydrology, soil-science, biogeography and research methods in physical geography, with an emphasis on Poland, Europę, and the polar regions.

We would like to thank all the members of the Adyisory Council for agreeing to participate in this new initiative. We think that the international reputation of each member of the Council in the field of physical geography has significantly helped the success in publishing this new Journal.

As the form of Bulletin ofGeography: Socio-economic Series was widely accepted by our readers, we have decided to apply the same criteria to the new Journal. Hence, Bulletin ofGeography: Physical Geography Series may be regarded as a sister publication to the original socio-economic Journal. We thus hope to provide an arena for presenting a morę holistic view of ge-ography, despite the growing dichotomy between socio-economic and physi-cal geography studies that can be seen today.

Editor-in-Chief Bulletin ofGeography: Socio-economic Series
Daniela Szymańska

Editor-in-Chief Bulletin ofGeography: Socio-economic Series
Rajmund Przybylak

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