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Ecological Questions. An International Journal on Controversial Problems of Ecology. 4/2004

autorzy: Marian Rejewski redaktorzy: Marian Rejewski
Rok wydania:2004 Liczba stron:155 Format:210 x 297 mm

From the Editors

The problems of translocation and endurance of structures in the nature are the subjects of considerations and investigations by several branches of the widely understood environmental biology. They are analysed, among others, within the scope of phyto- and zoogeography as well as landscape ecology, and mechanisms behind the phenomena are usually searched for in the population ecology or on the genetic level of an individual. Thus the processes of migration or endurance are characteristic not only for flora and fauna of large areas. They concern various ecological systems and can be analysed on various nature organization levels. They can be considered in the macro-, meso- and microscale. They take place both in natural and anthropogenically modified systems. They can result both from exogenous factors and genetic conditions on a specimen level.

The present volume comprises publications dealing with the above-mentioned subject matter. The included papers describe very miscellaneous aspects of the problems, from the very detailed to general ones, from single examples to broad-scope issues, arranging our knowledge on invasions, migrations, ecological corridors or refuge places.

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