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Ecological Questions. An International Journal on Controversial Problems of Ecology. 9/2008

autorzy: Marian Rejewski redaktorzy: Marian Rejewski
Rok wydania:2008 Liczba stron:118 Format:210 x 297 mm

At present, biocoenoses of extreme habitats form a broad spectrum from natural polar ecosystems to anthropogenic agrocoenoses or ruderal communities developing on habitats extremely degraded by industry. The common and still increasing human pressure on already rare natural ecosystems causes that most of the ecological processes take place in the disturbed conditions. Such conditions are often tantamount to extreme conditions.
The subsequent volume of Ecological Questions includes fourteen papers dedicated to diverse issues concerning the functioning of biocoenoses in extreme habitats. Although the issues presented here do not deal exhaustively with the extensive problems of the subject, they provide however some interesting illustrations, out of which a consistent picture emerges, depicting the adaptation of the structure of biocoenoses at different organization levels to natural and anthropogenic extreme conditions. A significant element of this adaptation, emerging out of the presented material, is the fact that the extent of disturbance determines a level of organization at which its effects are discernible. And thus, depending on the extent of changes in the availability of resources or physical elements of the environment, we can observe adaptations from the cell level to changes in the species structure of a biocoenosis.
As a consequence of increasing anthropopressure, on the one hand, biocoenoses of extreme habitats become peculiar ecosystems of the future, and on the other hand, by studying them we can identify the principles and regularities of the man-ecosystem system. These principles also constitute a chance for the development of theoretical bases for the conservation and management of natural environment.

Adam Barcikowski

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