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Latin Equivalents for Diagnostic Categories of Mental and Behavioural Disorders According to the ICD-11

Rok wydania:2023 Nr wydania:pierwsze Liczba stron:108 ISBN:978-83-231-5172-2 eISBN:978-83-231-5173-9 Format:210 x 297 mm DOI:

Latin has been widely used for around 2000 years as a tool for preparing medical professionals’ nomenclature. In 2018, the WHO released the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). The basic version of ICD-11 is in English, while other language versions are currently being prepared. The authors conducted an analysis of the English-Latin translation process and proposed a bilingual corpus of diagnoses containing Latin and English equivalents for mental and behavioural disorders as defined by ICD-11. This book also describes the clinical aspects of formulating diagnoses in medicine, with reference to other sciences. It discusses semantic and logical issues, as well as information theory. Finally, it references the pragmatics of medical language. Selected concepts of translation and their strategies are also presented. The authors provide detailed information about the procedures, strategies, and methods used in their work. The translation process involves a literal approach to individual words or phrases while considering the tradition of Latin usage in medicine and utilizing knowledge of Latin grammar and pragmatics. The proposed model for creating a glossary of disease names and symptoms of mental disorders according to ICD-11 can also be applied in preparing other language versions. The results of the research work are organized into 28 tables that group disorders according to the divisions outlined in ICD-11. Furthermore, six auxiliary tables have been developed to illustrate the general criteria for creating names. In total, the work includes 1,626 Latin names for various mental disorders. The authors have created a glossary, available as a separate Excel file, which was developed in accordance with the model prepared by WHO.


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