Maciej Serowaniec, Marcin Dorochowicz, Jakub Zemła (red.)

Constitutions of Modern States

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Maciej Serowaniec, Marcin Dorochowicz, Jakub Zemła (red.)

Constitutions of Modern States

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Foreword / 7

Michał Andrzejewski
Religious Freedom in the Persian Gulf region – Constitutional Analysis / 9

Maria Jelda Doria, Martyna Wilmanowicz
The right to trial within a reasonable time in the Italian Republic and the Republic of Poland – selected facets / 37

Marcin Dorochowicz
Realization of the constitutional rule nemo tenetur se ipsum accusare in the US, British, French and Polish legal systems / 61

Mateusz Brzeziński, Wojciech Kiełbasiński
Regulation of sport and physical culture in the constitutions of modern countries / 75

Patryk Kowalski
Protection of Freedom of Expression in Election Campaigns Awarded by the United States Constitution and by the Constitution of the Republic of Poland / 99

Jan Majewski
The Rule of Law and social legitimacy – a few remarks / 117

Maciej Serowaniec
Constitutional guarantees of independence of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the EU Member States in the light of INTOSAI standards / 131

Magdalena Suska
Die Stellung der staatlichen Kontrolle in der polnischen Rechtsordnung / 143

Cezary Węgliński
On current issues in EU constitutionalism: transnational lists for the European elections as a possible solution to problems of the democratic deficit and legitimacy within the European Union / 167

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