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The Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech in Post-Soviet Space Excerpts from Constitutions with an Introduction

Rok wydania:2016 Nr wydania:pierwsze Liczba stron:90 ISBN:978-83-231-3790-0

This small size book is the fourth volume of the series by the same author, which the Nicolaus Copernicus University Press published in 2012–2016. The book’s title clearly refers to the third volume, entitled Freedom of Speech and Other Human Rights: A Selection of Documents with an Introduction and Study Questions (2014). The main parts of both books are excerpts from relevant legal sources, proceeded by a more or less commodious introduction into the discussed problem. Therefore, the main addressees of the book under consideration are persons interested in various aspects of freedom of speech and other human rights. This also concerns the two other volumes of the mentioned series: From Milton to Mill: Classic Defenders of Freedom of Speech (2012) and Free Speech Defenders in Twentieth Century United States (2013).


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