Kategoria: Nauki społeczne / Politologia i stosunki międzynarodowe

Uncodified Constitutions and the Question of Political Legitimacy

autorzy: Łukasz Perlikowski redaktorzy: Łukasz Perlikowski
Rok wydania:2022 Nr wydania:pierwsze Liczba stron:176 ISBN:978-83-231-4929-3 eISBN:978-83-231-4930-9 Format:158 x 228 mm DOI:

This book seeks to examine and explore an issue within the study of constitutionalism that is an extensive phenomenon that cannot be easily reduced merely to the written legal document. Now this claim is a quite obvious truth, yet the scope of uncodifiable – that is to say, those aspects of law and constitutionalism that escape or avoid being framed in codified or written form – are hard to embrace by legal science. Hence, our intention in this volume was to explore the issue from many different points of view and provide a useful reflection on this topic. […] One can say that we started from the topics related to legal aspects of uncodified constitutions, and then we came to the concept of political legitimacy by going through many different views on the main subject matter of this work. The volume’s intention was to highlight this issue of the issues of constitutionalism, codification, legitimacy, and political stability that are of extreme importance for contemporary political and legal sciences and offer some valuable reflections about these issues that might get scholars interested in these questions and concerns.


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