Kategoria: Nauki humanistyczne / Historia / Historia średniowieczna

Arguments and Counter-Arguments. The Political Thought of the 14th-and 15th Centuries during the Polish-Teutonic Order Trials and Disputes

autorzy: Wiesław Sieradzan redaktorzy: Wiesław Sieradzan
Rok wydania:2012 Liczba stron:212 ISBN:978-83-231-2925-7

"Polish-Teutonic Order antagonism dominated Polish foreign policy in both the 14th and 15th centuries. One form of solving the Poland-Lithuania, Masovia, Słupsk Pomerania and Teutonic Order conflicts was a lawsuit.

The present volume contains eight articles concerning selected aspects of the Polish-Teutonic Order trials in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Their authors belong to the younger and middle-aged generation of researchers in Australia, Poland and the United States. Their publications present the most recent trends and results in the field of the Order's trials with its neighbour countries in Central and Eastern Europe, where the aspects of national, historical and political identity started to play an important role at that time. It appears that political thought of the 14th and 15th centuries is very original in many points and can serve as a valuable inspiration in development of modern political thought.

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