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New technologies in education and comunication

autorzy: Dorota Siemieniecka redaktorzy: Dorota Siemieniecka
Rok wydania:2016 Nr wydania:pierwsze Liczba stron:268 ISBN:978-83-231-3602-6 Format:158 x 228 mm

“The collective work New Technologies in Education and Communication, under scientific supervision of Dorota Siemieniecka, features both its theoretical and practical dimensions, makes use of accurate references to European and global literature as well as employs authors who manage to competently analyse, describe and explain problems that are both complex by nature and often new to pedagogical sciences. The work of a supervisor of a collective publication, which involves assemblage and unification of divagations voiced by world-renowned scientists, resembles a tedious act of stringing precious beads onto a single piece of thread. Their natural beauty and glitter and their intellectual light make not only a cognitively valuable, but also an attractive and inspirational read”. 

dr hab. Maciej Tanaś, prof. APŚ

Dorota Siemieniecka is a professor at the Institute of Classroom Pedagogy at the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń. She is also a board member of Polish Cognitivist Society and Polish Pedagogical Association. Her scientific interest, research and didactic activity focus on the issues of creativity in pedagogy, creative teaching, on applications of modern media in the process of education, as well as on cognitivist aspects of media in education. The author participated in international research as part of the project Polish-American Inquiry into the Priorities of Educational Technology in the Next Five Years.The results of the research have been published in The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society (2008). She successfully acquired FSS funds (EEA Grants and Norway Grants) for implementing the international project The Role of Language in Human Life. The result of the project was a book Język nowej komunikacji (The Language of New Media), which has been translated into Norwegian (Språk i medier, 2010). Education and New Technologies in Culture, Information and Communication (2016) is the latest book published underher supervision.


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