Jarosław Wenta

The cinematic discourse on the Middle Ages (in central Europe and beyond)

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Spatia Mediaevalia. Studies in the Perception of Medieval Culture
Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika

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Jarosław Wenta

The cinematic discourse on the Middle Ages (in central Europe and beyond)

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Foreword ( Jarosław Wenta) / 7

Siegrid Schmidt
The Middle Ages in film and on television / 9

Waldemar Chorążyczewski
The historical film as a discourse about the past / 29

Bogdan Hojdis
The Middle Ages as a theme in Polish fictional films / 39

Teodora Artimon
‘Face-lifting’ national myths through historical film. Stephen the Great as a Romanian case study / 59

Adam Bednarczyk
Elegant courtiers and brave warriors: between passion, devotion and passing. Japanese Middle Ages on the silver screen / 73

Mariusz Guzek
The Medieval Ages on television. The unification of Polish lands of 1308–1331 in the film ideology of the Polish People’s Republic / 95

Iwona Kolasińska-Pasterczyk
The Benedictine abbey as the centre of medieval universe. The mystery of struggle against the world, body and Satan in The Name of the Rose (1986) by Jean-Jacques Annaud / 107

Sylwia Kołos
Kenneth Branagh vs Laurence Olivier. Two interpretations of the Middle Ages in film adaptations of Henry V by William Shakespeare / 123

Jarosław Nikodem
‘One thought, one faith, one hand’ – Gniazdo by Jan Rybkowski in the eyes of a medievalist / 135

Martyna Olszowska
Postmodern manly melange. The knight figure in contemporary cinema. A Knight’s Tale, Kingdom of Heaven and Arn – The Knight Templar / 147

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