Mirosław Strzyżewski

Existence, Aesthetics, Criticism. Studies in Polish Romanticism

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Mirosław Strzyżewski

Existence, Aesthetics, Criticism. Studies in Polish Romanticism

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Romanticism in Poland was the first modern era which created the earliest modern intellectual class calling for cultural, political, and civilizational changes, which is similar to the situation in France, Germany, and England. The rebellious spirit of Romanticism in Poland is characterized by stronger foundations and arguments of historiosophical nature. Rebellion in Romanticism was not limited to fighting for the individual freedom of men, as people also fought in the name of national and social freedom. It was a struggle that encompassed many aspects of life and imagination. Romanticism is the child of youth. The youth shaped a new worldview, rebelled against the world order in literature and art, and proposed a new definition of freedom, including not only politics, but also aesthetics, philosophy, music, science, as well as lifestyle, thus imparting on everyday life the qualities of freedom and authenticity.

Introduction / 7

I. Romanticism without boundaries / 11
II. The library of a Romantic – a complex issue / 19
III. A model of a “typical biography” of a Romantic / 27
IV. The significance of Mickiewicz’s Parisian lectures for Polish culture from “the course of literatures” to “a summa of Romanticism” / 45
V. Adam Mickiewicz’s game with Warsaw critics: About the treatise O krytykach i recenzentach warszawskich / 65
VI. Weltliteratur and national poetry: Comparative tension and dilemmas in the literary criticism of Maurycy Mochnacki / 103
VII. Juliusz Słowacki’s struggle with critics the poet’s side / 121
VIII. Kilka słów o Juliuszu Słowackim by Zygmunt Krasiński as literary criticism / 143
IX. Zygmunt Krasiński in the shackles of comments: Observations on the state of research of the Swiss period / 167
X. Krasiński in the Chillon prison: A travel sketch with the Swiss “fragments” in the background / 187
XI. On perfect poetry: Aesthetic ponderings of Walenty Chłędowski / 209
XII. On the relationship between philosophy and literature: Casus by Henryk Elzenberg / 225
XIII. A Romantic apocryphon: The legend of Antoni Malczewski in Jerzy Żurek’s novel Biała Góra / 237
XIV. The legend of Mochnacki / 251

Bibliography / 279
Name index / 293

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