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Małgorzata Geron, Jerzy Malinowski, Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz (red.)

Art of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland in 20th-21st Centuries and Polish-British & Irish Art Relations

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158 x 228 mm
Studia o sztuce nowoczesnej / Studies on modern art
Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika

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Małgorzata Geron, Jerzy Malinowski, Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz (red.)

Art of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland in 20th-21st Centuries and Polish-British & Irish Art Relations

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Art of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland in 20th–21st Centuries and Polish–British & Irish Art Relations is the fifth volume of Studies on Modern Art and a first book of this kind in Poland.The volume presents research on British and Irish art conducted mainly by Polish scholars.So far, the research on British art in the 20th century – in comparison to the researchon modern French, German, Russian, Italian and American art – has beentaken up only sporadically. The greatest number of Polish publications have concernedpost-war British art, while there is almost no publication devoted to interwarart. No research on Irish art has been conducted so far. Thus, the studies on modern Irish art seem to be an important novelty. The widest range of previous interests has concerned the art of the Polish emigration circle since World War II. Like Polish artistic colonies in Rome in the 19th century, in Munich in the second half of the 19th century, and in Paris since the late 19th century, the Polish emigration colony in London with numerous organizations, galleries and magazines has drawn attention as an important element of Polish art and Polish artistic tradition. Particular attention should be paid to a group of studies devoted to works by Jewish artists or artists of Jewish origin from Poland.

The volume is divided into Introduction and 6 sections: (1) Polish–British Art Relations before 1945, (2) Contemporary British Art, (3) Polish Émigré Art in Great Britain after 1945, (4) Contemporary Polish–British Art Relations, (5) Irish Art,(6) British Art and the World.Thus, a certain image of British art of the 20th century is outlined, as seen from afar. The book is structured chronologically, with focus on selected issues. Subsequent parts present phenomena of British art, sometimes followed by the account of Polish reactions.


Jerzy Malinowski
On the book / 11

Paul Collinson
England’s Favourite Landscape: Paintings in Search of The Picturesque / 15

Krzysztof Cieszkowski
Documentation of Modern British Art: Archives, Libraries and Bibliographies / 21


David Bingham
Albert Lipcziński (1876–1974) / 29

Piotr Kopszak
Henri Gaudier-Brzeska’s  “Polish” Identity and Contacts with Polish Artists / 35

Izabela Curyłło-Klag
Poles in Wyndham Lewis’s Accounts of Early 20th-century Bohemia / 41

Dominika Buchowska
Whitechapel Boys and the British Avant-Garde: In Search of the Polish Connection / 51

Magdalena Zdrenka-Ciałkowska
The Art of Advertising in Poland and Great Britain. “Levitt–Him” as a Design Partnership / 61

Waldemar Deluga
Polish Graphics in British Collections (19th–20th Century) / 69

Irena Kossowska
The Insular Taste: The Art of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland in the 1939 Warsaw / 77

Maciej Tybus
The Art and Cultural Activities of the British POWs in Stalag XXA in Toruń / 89


Mateusz Soliński
Lucian Freud – The Body Painter / 101

Małgorzata Stępnik
The Aesthetics of the School of Lndon “Diasporic” Painting – On the Basis of Ronald B. Kitaj’s Literary Manifestos / 109

Maciej Gugała
“You Have to Be a Practitioner to Know This.” David Hockney’s Criticism of Art History / 117

Karolina Kolenda
The Englishness of English Land Art – Richard Long and the Picturesque / 123

Anna Markowska
Gilbert and George – A Double Author and Space Between / 131

Monika Szczygiel-Gajewska
Vision of Destruction by Cornelia Parker / 151

Filip Pręgowski
The Reccurence of Modernism. On The Stuckists, the British Art Movement / 161

Lidia Gerc
Future Systems – New Directions in British Architecture / 171

Ewelina Kwiatkowska
Object, Sculpture, Installation – Contemporary Glass Art in Great Britain /177


Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz
Polish Presence at Artistic Academies and in the Art of Great Britain after the Second World War. Introduction to Research / 189

Małgorzata Geron
Henryk Gotlib. The Work in Poland and England / 199

Malina Barcikowska
Against the Grain. On the Relations of Franciszka and Stefan Themersons with the Circle of British Logicians and Mathematicians /213

Małgorzata Biernacka
The Continental British School of Painting – The Association of Polish Artists in Great Britain / 225

Magdalena Howorus-Czajka
Tadeusz Piotr (Peter) Potworowski: An Analysis of Changes in His Art of the English Period in the Light of Art Criticism in Polish Émigré Periodicals / 235

Agata Soczyńska
Marek Żuławski and Stanisław Frenkiel aboutn Modern British Art / 245


Piotr Marciniak
New Concepts of the City and Space. The Reception of British Architecture and Urban Planning in Poland in the 20th Century / 263

Ewa Toniak
Moore in Auschwitz. Some Remarks Inspired by an Exhibition / 273

Andrzej Jarosz
British Inspirations behind Wrocław Sculpture / 281

Dorota Grubba-Thiede
“Mystery / Score-Poem” – Jerzy Bereś and Zbigniew Warpechowski in Great Britain in 1979 – “The Pilgrimage” around 11 Centers (Including Academic Ones) and Question Regarding the Possible Impact of Jerzy Bereś on New British Sculpture Artists / 293

Maria Hussakowska
Stranger in the City or Negotiator. Craigie Horsefield in Krakow / 305

Anna M. Leśniewska
Colour and Light in the Art of Antoni Malinowski / 317

Magdalena Zięba
Reception of Polish Art in Great Britain in the 21st Century. Exhibitions, Collections, Art Criticism / 325


Katarzyna Kociołek
Visualising Irishness in Contemporary Irish Art / 347

Łukasz Guzek
How Connections with Ireland Inspired Polish Performance Art / 355

Artur Tajber
Available Resources – Orient-Action / Dostępne zasoby – Orient-Akcja / 361

Gail Prentice
Flax Art Studios, Belfast and Its Impact on Contemporary Northern Irish Art / 369


Aneta Pawłowska
The Influence of the British Artists on South African Art at the Beginning of the 20th Century / 377

Mirosława Buchholtz
Artist in Conflict: Yinka Shonibare’s Flower Time (2006/2007) and His First Solo Exhibition in Poland (2013) / 389


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